LAW OFFICE – Szczecin




We guarantee the legal assistance for the enterprises, who in their current activity make business in Poland or with polish entities, including international transactions, or need any legal assistance in Poland. The legal assistance is provided in Polish, English and German. We help in the cases of the dispute such as: sell contracts, the transport contracts, the building contracts, the contracts for providing the services, the corporate disputes, unreliable payoffs, the employee cases. We also conduct the bankruptcy proceedings , representing as well the bankrupt debtor and the creditor. From our experience we know, that in many cases, as long as the cooperation classifies fine, the clients do not use the legal assistance of the attorneys. When the improper situation escalates the acts protecting the violated interests is being needed. Sometimes, the only option for the unprofitable investment is the declaration of the bankruptcy of the firm, which financial results forces to this kind of act. To provide the best legal assistance we cooperate with the quantity surveyors, accountant offices, tax advisers and notaries.



We offer our clients legal assistance concerning the establishment, operation and liquidation of the polish companies.

Our Law Firm will help you in all aspects of the activity of companies, including:

- will help in choosing the form of in running a business activity in Poland,

-  will take care of the formalities connected with the establishment of the polish company,

-  assists in day-to-day legal services for the company in Poland, including the preparation of company documentation,

- advises in case of conflict in the company in Poland,

- will provide advice on the company's difficult financial situation.


The Law Firm also helps in cases of deteriorating financial situation of entrepreneurs in Poland. The Law Firm helps to determine whether in a given situation it is necessary to consider taking restructuring measures, whether the situation is serious enough to file a bankruptcy. The Law Firm helps debtors to prepare a petition and also provides other advice related to the bankruptcy of enterprises. The Law Firm also represents creditors of insolvent debtors before court.