LAW OFFICE – Poznań, Berlin, Szczecin


We guarantee the legal assistance for the enterprises, who in their current activity make international transactions , or need any legal assistance in the case on the territory of a foreign country. The legal assistance is provided in Polish, English and German. We help in the cases of the dispute such as: sell contracts, the transport contracts, the building contracts, the contracts for providing the services, the corporate disputes, unreliable payoffs, the employee cases. We also conduct the bankruptcy proceedings , representing as well the bankrupt debtor and the creditor. From our experience we know, that in many cases, as long as the cooperation classifies fine, the clients do not use the legal assistance of the attorneys. When the improper situation escalates the acts protecting the violated interests is being needed. Sometimes, the only option for the unprofitable investment is the declaration of the bankruptcy of the firm, which financial results forces to this kind of act. To provide the best legal assistance we cooperate with the quantity surveyors, accountant offices, tax advisers and notaries.



We offer our clients the legal assistance on the territory of Poland and Germany. Our lawyers are being admitted  to the practice of the profession of Polish and German attorneys. The legal service is being provided in Poland by the Offices in Poznań and Szczecin and in Germany by the Office in Berlin. The advantage of the offer is the complex consultancy in Polish, English and German, inclusive any  stages from  the proposal of the certain legal dissolution, through the representation in the pre-trial dispute and in any need also the representation in the court proceeding before Polish or German courts. The Offices specialize in the vindication of claims from the contracts, in economic cases bound with the economic activity on the territories of Poland and Germany,  statements of claim in bankruptcy proceedings, solving the conflicts between the shareholders or partnerships, the ascertainment of the financial situation parties to contracts, negotiations and representing the injured party in criminal cases.


The Office also helps in cases of the infringement of the intellectual property rights.  The enterprises are nowadays more aware of the fact, that their firm’s value consists more often also of their immaterial and legal goods. More often we can observe the attacks on these goods. The Office has some clients, who are enterprises, whose products are being copied, whose trade marks are being used on the websites of the concurrencial firms. These enterprises are being attacked usually by its past contrahent party or former employees. In this case it is better to prevent, than to cure. Thanks to the cooperation with the patent agents we help legalize the patents, industrial models, trademarks, we construct the licence contracts, as well as the contracts of non-competition with the employees. We develop the standards of the actions to protect the business secret  and help with the protection of any rights in case of any violation.